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With your support Bright Tomorrows is already making a significant difference in the lives of some of these children. Children such as David who before coming to the centre at Maputo had spent several years living on the streets. David's face lights up as he says “There are many children here, but I am happy now.”

Bright Tomorrows believes that like David, every child, regardless of their gender, race, religion or culture is of immense value and should be given opportunities to live in safe and caring environments where they can fulfill their potential and grow into adults who are able to make choices and impact their communities.

Bright Tomorrows works in partnership with established local projects that are based on a long term commitment to a holistic approach to children's development. By addressing both the immediate needs and also tackling root causes, we are seeing that vision become a reality.

Child Sponsorship

For as little as £10 a month you can ensure a child is able to go to school.
An additional £5 a month will help provide uniform and other resources they need.

Current Child Sponsorship options:

Mutoko, Zimbabwe - Primary Education, AIDS orphan care and shelter
Mhondoro Zimbabwe - Primary Education, O Level tutoring, crop growing support

Here's what some of the children that you support have to say:

"My name is Michael aged 10, I am doing grade 6 in primary school. I thank you for the money you gave me for the school fees. My father passed away in 2005 and my mother is always ill since she is HIV positive she can not work very hard. I will be very happy if you keep paying fees for me and other orphans like me. Thank you..."

"Greetings to you all I'm Kelvin. I just wrote this letter to thank you very much for paying my school fees...without you I wouldn't be going to school. I wish to pass my grade 7 exams to achieve more in my life.."

"My name is Keshell, aged 10. I am HIV positive and I'm doing grade 6 at primary school. I'm a class monitor. I'm bright in class, I passed all subjects last term. I hope to work hard and pass...I'm looking forward to meeting you one day. My mother is HIV positive and she is always sick. ..I'm trying my level best not to disappoint you. God bless you, Keshell."

Make a lasting difference

Sponsoring a child through Bright Tomorrows is one way to ensure your money goes directly to specific areas of need that you care about. You are also making a real and lasting difference to the life of a child, which in turn will impact upon their wider community.

We will send you a photo and some information on your child and will update you on their progress at least once a year.

Click here to open a child sponsor form which you can print and complete, or email us to begin supporting a child right away.

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Who are children at risk?

The word 'childhood' usually brings to mind pictures of carefree innocence and for many children this is a time of security, nurture and love.

However, for many others around the world today, the realities are very different. Increasing numbers of children know what it is like to wake up each day in the face of hardship, violence, poverty and abuse; children who's stories are not of happiness and hope, but of uncertainty and despair.

Some shocking statistics* tell us that...

  • There are well over 100 million street children worldwide.
  • 10 million children are caught up in the sex trade.
  • Approximately 125 million (20% of the world's school age population) lack access to primary education.
  • There are 200 million child labourers.

These statistics paint a dark picture and can leave us feeling overwhelmed and asking “what can possibly be done to make a change?” We believe through careful targeting of resources to specific areas of need, things do change - especially for individuals like the boy pictured above.

* Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_children

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