Although Haiti and Zimbabwe have grown to become the primary focus areas for Bright Tomorrows, we have worked in other countries, once again reaching out to the forgotten, to orphan children that have been missed:

In the capital city, Maputo, in 2003, at that time one of the poorest locations on earth, we took a team of 12 over to help out at a large orphanage. We not only painted the main food hall but helped out with practical care for the children.

During this visit, we identified another unmet need; to provide resource for a pre-school that was to support an initiative at the city dump (known as the Boccaria). Here a pre-school was established, allowing several children whose parents work daily on the dump as rag pickers to have a secure place to go. Bright Tomorrows funded resources for the pre-school for over 4 years, providing a lunchtime meal for the children and a teacher's salary.

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