Although Haiti and Zimbabwe have grown to become the primary focus areas for Bright Tomorrows, we have worked in other countries, once again reaching out to the forgotten, to orphan children that have been missed:

Bangalore, India

India often makes the news now as the apparent economic miracle is bringing financial fruit to this nation. Unfortunately, most of this does not filter down to the majority that lack the most basic of human needs.
In 2004, the worst tsunami in history hit Indonesia, rising from the earthquake in the Indian Ocean. In total, 227,898 people died leaving devastation and destruction behind.

Orphans from this area were relocated to parts all over Asia and the orphanage in Bangalore took over a dozen of them in. Bright Tomorrows was able to raise money for extending the school, repairing the roof and helping out with resources to enable 12 individual orphan children to attend classes.

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