About us

Bright Tomorrows was established in 2002 by a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to improve the lives of children living in challenging circumstances around the world. The body of trustees comprises two teachers, a health visitor, a lawyer, marketing manager and a charity aid worker. Together, they have extensive experience of working in developing countries. 

Bright Tomorrows is a small charity and we therefore have to target use of our resources carefully to ensure they are put to the best possible effect. We have thus far supported projects established by local people, tending to focus our efforts on supporting small groups of children and funding specific areas of need. Our charity objects state that our mission is for the relief of poverty and for the furthering of education and as such these are or two main criteria when assessing projects. 

We also believe that being small is a strength. Our workers are volunteers, so we do not have expensive running costs or advertising campaigns. The trustees fund the small adminstrative costs and overseas visits themselves so that we can honestly say to donors that 100% of their giving goes straight to making improvements in the lives of children. We are proud of this fact and because we support projects that are known to us personally, we can be accountable for how the money is utilised. Yes, we may not have the resources of a large organisation, but we have seen first hand that we can change children's lives.

Meet the team:

Sarah White MA Education, BEd (Hons)

Sarah has a good deal of experience in working with children, having trained as a teacher and working in primary schools for 18 years. She currently teaches at a school in Datchet, whilst also running the day to day operations at Bright Tomorrows and studying for a postgraduate diploma in Development Management. As a student, Sarah worked at a clinic and school for street children in Kolkata, India for 3 months.

" It was here that I first knew that I needed to commit to trying to make life better for children such as these. Bright Tomorrows is the very practical realisation of that and I am honoured to be a part of it."

 Sue Jackson

Sue has been involved in teaching and working with children for over 40 years. She has specialist knowledge of child protection issues and is a speaker on child protection training programmes. Sue wrote the Bright Tomorrows child protection policy. In addition, Sue has utilised her skills and knowledge of primary and pre-school education by running teacher training programmes and in-school demonstrations in Ghana. She also raises awareness of how children in developing countries live by taking school assemblies. On top of all that, Sue is a both a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 8

Flor White

Flor originates from Venezuela but has been based in Dorset for over 10 years. In her role as an aid worker, particularly in south America, Flor has a wealth of experience in supporting children in developing countries and brings a broad understanding of the complex issues they face in their everyday lives. Flor worked in an orphanage and children's hopsital in Haiti for a year, and in the light of the recent disaster has been able to return with a team from Bright Tomorrows to support the relief efforts there. Flor is married and has 3 children

Kate and David Littlewood

Kate brings a good deal of first hand experience from the medical field through her work with young and disadvantaged families in her role as a health visitor. She has a passion for promoting health care and improving the life chances for the very yound and those at risk. Kate is married to David, who is a solicitor practising in Dorset. Kate and David have four children.

 Comfort Ndoro-Ingram

Comfort originates from Zimbabwe and maintains strong links with the country through familiy, friends and regular visits. Comfort has a real heart for the country and an understanding of the complex issues facing many children living there. She is a dynamic lady with a vision and drive to make a difference! Comfort is married to Chris.


The Team

From left to right: Flor, Sarah, Sue, Comfort, David

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