Bright Tomorrows is your UK based charity working to bring real and lasting change to the lives of children at risk, particularly those who have been disadvantaged through extreme poverty and/or homelessness. Find out more about our Child Sponsorship programme

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  • Good times sharing about our work with HPE at Bett
  • Very excited to be sharing at the Hewlett Packard Education stand at the Bett show on Saturday..We will be...
  • Thank you to everyone who's helped make life better for children in ways both big or small this year. Wishing peace and hope for 2017 x

Bright Tomorrows partners with established local projects in several countries around the world, aiming to meet the needs of the children by providing secure and happy environments in which they can grow. The children are given opportunities to go to school and develop the necessary skills to gain work and contribute to their communities.

For live details of our work, pictures and videos, follow the country links: Haiti, Zimbabwe, India and Mozambique

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From jumping out of a plane, to climbing a mountain, there are plenty of ways that you can get involved in helping to improve the lives of children at risk. Click here for more information...

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Bright Tomorrows shares about teaming up with Hewlett Packard to make a difference for school kids in Masvingo Province


Play times just got fun for Mutoko preschoolers! 

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